Poster Series - Futurcraft. Footprint. 

Adidas and Allbirds have come together to form a partnership in the name of sustainability and are debuting their new product: Futurecraft. Footprint.

My challenge was to create a series of posters that will be simultaneously released. These posters need to be adaptable in size and between print and digital, including: A0, billboard, MREC, wide skyscraper and leaderboard.

Focusing on a concept of ‘growth’ with the sustainable shoe, I decided to represent the shoe in a still life set, both in and around natural materials that combine and relate to it’s production. The shoe blend in to this environment to represent it’s connection to sustainability and the environment.

The shoe is surrounded by resources that help create it, thanks to Allbirds technology, such as sugar cane, recycled cotton, and eucalptus. There is also floral elements such as a ruby anthirium to highlight the beauty behind sustainability. New life is shown through blossoming daffodils. Other elements such as fruit clippings and peels are positioned subtly to represent decomposure and the turnover cycle of life.